Wednesday, 30 January 2008


The lovely Jane Q. Phoenix and I have been friends for oh so many years now. We met on a rambunctious school tour of Ireland. She defended me against our egomaniacal professor who seemed to have issues with my having a distinct sense of independence and spirit of exploration rather than docile submissiveness to his supervision of our group. I mean, really! I'd been travelling on my own since I was 18! I could handle more than he thought. But that's for another time. I, in turn, introduced Ms. Phoenix to the wonders of cider and expanded her adventures in Ireland, like the trip we took away from the group and her very first train ride! We also hailed our first cab ever in the streets of Dublin together. That was the beginning.

Since then, our friendship has grown stronger. We've been friends, roommates, even workmates! We've commiserated over many of life's little inconveniences like the troubles with boys and our jobs. We've also celebrated together, like New Year's in Miami and sometimes we just need someone to listen when things seem to not make any sense. We've shared similar experiences, like quitting our jobs to go back to school to follow a different path than the one we were on.

We're now living on opposite sides of the country. I'm still in school while Ms. Phoenix finished last year and started working in her new field. We still talk quite often. In fact, she tells me I'm the reason her cell phone battery is often low or dying. We came up with the idea of this shared blog as a way to discuss what happens in our lives and how we deal with them. The big things and the small-whatever we feel. That's what this blog is all about.