Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm Christian, unless you're Gay goes viral, and other thoughts...

Single Dad Laughing, also known as Dan Pearce, wrote an essay about a topic near and dear to my heart. You see, Your Jane has seen some pretty bad hypocricy in her lifetime. Most of it revolves around two major hot button areas: religion and politics. And both areas focus on a laser onto gay people.

It always seemed to me that if Jesus said, "Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me," then this should translate into not denigrating some group of people in society or condemning them. However, some Christians really take a stand against gay people, to the point where they hurt people, families, and society. I never agreed with this. I stood up to my homophobic elders and told them they were wrong to ridicule gay people when I was a kid. I stood by my friends who came out and told me they were gay. Don't get me wrong; I'll desert someone in my life for being annoying, or a train wreck, or a jerk, but desert someone because they come out to you? Seriously, where are your priorities?

I know I'll never truly empathize with a lesbian because I'm straight, but boy oh boy, do I ever know what it is to be socially ostracized. It's the lesson that's slapped me in the face so many times during my internment in Winterville. When I read Dan's article, I could really relate to the man he featured, a gay friend in Utah whose friends and family have turned away from him.

I'm lucky in that my family would never do that, but one thing you'll find in life is that the people around you who aren't your friends will reveal themselves as such... and sometimes you find that even if your family sticks by you, they have their own agenda for you that probably doesn't coincide with your own goals and wishes.

I have my books and my poetry to protect me

Seriously, I got to the point in Winterville when my library card was my best friend, and the fun only broke out when I was far, far away. Simon and Garfunkel are damn geniuses with their song, "I am a rock."

A rock feels no pain, and an island never cries.

When going out among people becomes a grueling joke, that's the point when the song makes sense! But as I've said before, coming up with an exit strategy IS the only strategy when you're in a place like that.

Please check out the article; it really gives you a lot to think about.


Jane Q. Phoenix

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ramping up for 2012

Amigas, I know that 2012 will be a big year for me and Diva. Once my wordsmithing is done and her witty commentary is in place, we will be published writers next year as our novellas hit the internet. I, for one, am excited, and it's hard to stay on task. Really, I feel like it should already be done, but at the same time, it's not ready, so it's not done, is it?

Ahhhh... as our buddies G+R sang ages ago, we need a little patiences, yeaaaaaaa.

Sometimes I want all the cool stuff to happen NOW. But as they say, the reward of patience is patience. Hmmmmm....

Better get to work on this then.

Love you, amigas and amigos!