Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I had it, and then I lost it

I had the most brilliant idea for my blog title. I just can't remember it. This is what happens sometimes. No matter how much fish oil I take, sometimes I forget.

I wanted so much to be further along by now. Is this what people say all through life? The ideas I have still swirling around my head... all the research I have to do before venturing into the world of epublishing. It's all before me. I haven't done very much yet. When I wonder what's holding me back, it's a few things:
1) my tendency to second-guess every decision
2) my careful and slow ways of making a decision
3) my research into who should publish my work has only begun; then, I have to decide (see #2) and go through the spin cycle of second-guessing my decision (see #1).
4) these steps all pertain to having a completed manuscript, which I do not have. Ahhh, details, details. Yes, I need some semblance of a manuscript... or something.
5) life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Sometimes other things take precedence. So as much as I tell myself I should have all the time in the world to work on this project, I don't. Sometimes I have the time and my brain doesn't want to work. I should probably view that as a gift from the Universe and just forget about it then.
6) why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate (8) 9!

I'm thinking of calling my collection of stories that deal with (ahem) my conflict with a certain podunk town "Jane versus Environment." This is like what you learn in English class; the main conflicts are man vs. man; man vs. environment, man vs. self. Well, there's not much manly about Your Jane so we'd first of all have to change that to Woman and second of all, why not use my name? It is a well chosen name! So there you have it.

I have 90% of that story collection done, except for a crown jewel of a tale I really need to put down. Once it's done on my end, La Diva will sprinkle in her wit and we shall see what the "finished product" draft will look like. Part of me can't wait, and part of me clearly can, since we haven't worked on it much lately, have we?

Oh, I give up. Universe, this will get done on your schedule, not mine.

Thanks for listening.