Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A rainbow, a prediction from an old man who looked like Johnny Cash, and a river otter playing nearby

Today was an interesting day. It started with John and Alice, a couple who are in their eighties who come to the park to swim. Alice is deaf and John is mostly blind. God and Goddess bless him, he looks like a blue-eyed Johnny Cash. He has an air about him that just oozes sweetness. Anyway, he's hard to understand when he talks but he came up to me at the counter today, where I collect money and hand out wristbands and ice cream, and he said to me, "Soon as the sun comes in through your back door, you're going to be in love." And I smiled back and- what do you say to this? didn't say anything, just nodded, and hopefully he saw that.

By this time Alice was out of the water and he went over to her with his towel to help her dry off. It was the sweetest thing to watch. Two people pushing 90, one who can't hear and one who can't see, and they are just so nice to one another. I think that's what people imagine when they visualize growing old with someone else.

I started to imagine the logistics of the sun actually coming in through my back door- I don't think it can, given the direction it faces and the fact that there's a porch in the way- but just the same it was a nice thought and hopefully a true prediction.

Next, there was a river otter who just came up into the swimming area to wow the park guests, catch a fish and eat it. I got to see it swim away and everyone was so excited. I love otters, they are great!

Finally, given the plethora of rain up here in the Rain Forest, I got to see a rainbow. Where did it land, you ask? My house of course. No pot of gold has been located but I'll take what that blue-eyed Johnny Cash guy is predicting instead.