Friday, 7 August 2015

Nobody ever tells you it'll take this long

Hi friends:

I'm still working on the Book of Jane. It covers 2006 through 2012 and it's an epic at 130,000 words and growing. In fact, as of this post I'm naming it Epic Fool. Because it's an epic, and a fool is what Jane was (and maybe still is!)

The mythical fool is the person at the beginning of a journey who's unaware of the road ahead and who basically plunges headfirst into it. There's that, and the regular interpretation of the word Fool. Generally, I pity the fool.

Diva and I share login info, and I didn't use mine to log in, so it looks like she's writing this post even though I am (Jane/author).

I'm sorting through this blog to use bits of things I wrote for the blog that's featured in the book. In addition to the character list, I have to ensure that blog posts, sinkholes, and book club meetings are thoroughly covered in the book, since they all move the story forward!

I'm hungry and it's time for lunch so I'll be going now. Thanks for stopping in!