Sunday, 2 June 2013

Every Little Bit Helps

Yesterday was a day of tying up loose ends.  Honestly, the past year has been that in a lot of ways! But as I look around, I realize that I am making progress, slowly but surely.

This is how life is.

Case in point: I started exercising more a few weeks ago.  Lost two inches off my middle, and also lost zero pounds.  I want to fit into my summer shorts, so the number on the scale doesn't concern me.  But still- four to five workouts per week made a difference.

I awoke early and waxed the front portion of my car today. Seriously. I want a nap right now! But I am glad it's done.  Its surface is now slightly more repellent to dirt and bugs, and the windows are covered in Rain-X at the start of hurricane season.  I could have done more, but I needed breakfast and the shadow cast by the house was getting shorter and shorter as the sun came up.  I'm excited that what got done is done.

Some friends just moved into their first house. I am thrilled for them.  I noticed, when given the tour the other night, that they have stuff but not a lot of furniture. Since I am in flux and need to lighten the load, I have furniture stuffed into a room where I currently live, which is not likely to be where I will live in 6 months' time.  Soooo, I'm hoping that is a match. Maybe they can take what I don't anticipate I will need again.

We are whittling down my load, little by little.  Metaphorically and actually.  And goodness knows, every little bit helps!

I hope you have a great week ahead.