Friday, 22 August 2008

Want to laugh?

Diva starts off many conversations with that one phrase. It is an excellent phrase, to be sure, and who doesn't want to laugh? But I digress.

Want to laugh? Yesterday I had the honor of being asked to be a guest columnist for an advice column. The subject: How do I spot an insincere player? How did I let this smooth-talking man impress me, only to find out that he has a wife?

Aw geez, do I ever have the luck attracting just that type- so who better to post the warning signs? I mean, really.

To sum up, my warning signs are:
a) too much confidence. Confidence is attractive, yes, but he has more confidence than you'd expect- because he's already got (at least) one woman in his orbit already.
b) he seems too good to be true. That means- he probably is. He's had lots of practice paying attention to women and lavishing attention on them. What are the chances he'll stop with you?

I'll let you know if it's published, and if so where. I'm using this name (Jane) for the first time ever in print! Now I really feel like I have an alter ego...