Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hello again, Darlings...

Upheaval and change are the themes of this year, amigos.  But instead of having a dark and foreboding tone, like it did back in 2007, 2008, 2009 and even a little of 2010, life and the changes it's taking seem lighter and happier these days.

Where on earth should I start? Well, I ended up in my hometown earlier this year for a new job, but it doesn't seem likely that I'll stay for several reasons. One, I am in love with someone far away. Two, my job's probably going to go extinct in the next few months.  Three... well, the psychic medium mentioned something about getting into a different kind of work.

Yep, I saw a psychic medium. Diva did too. We went for our "big birthday celebration" this summer. Turns out we are entering a new decade this year.  The good news is, the window for our mid-life crises has closed if we can expect to reach 80 years old. Phew! I figure that being trapped in bumpkinland for several years, surrounded by salivating married guys doling out bad pickup lines and facing financial ruin via real estate investment does qualify as a midlife crisis. I AM SO GLAD THAT'S OVER!

She made some interesting comments, such as, "You know you're not going to stay in that job too long, don't you?" (The company announced it would be sold a week later, and my department will shrink significantly as a result.) My grandparents came through for me; they "always show up for these things," according to another family member who also heard from them through the medium.  My beau's grandfather came through as well, which I thought was cool, although I didn't know who it was until after the reading, when I could ask my boyfriend about it.

I'll know more about the direction of my love life "when the sun is in Libra," friends.  That is when my beau and I celebrate our one-year dating anniversary and he comes to visit me.  Will he bring an engraved invitation to move, such as an engagement ring? Time will tell. All I know is, that's my dude. If he wanted to go on fun vacations indefinitely, I'd be up for it.  I've learned to surrender my expectations on the dating front, and in doing so have recovered the joy of dating someone worthwhile.

As far as work goes, well, I haven't really used that degree I got back in 2007, so maybe I'll be able to do that in the future!

Anyway, things are up in the air as always, but all is well.  As my beau says, everything is as it should be.