Monday, 29 December 2008

I think it's the hair

Jane Phoenix started out years ago as a drawing of a superhero. My friend F was an artist and he wanted me to name his latest character, and so I did. The coolest name by far that I could think of was Jane Phoenix. He made a drawing of her that was typical of what a 20-something guy would draw- tiny waist, giant boobs, and cool hair... but the cool hair was short and straight like mine. I could have that cool hair...

Recently I copied her hair as my own: dark bob with short bangs. It seems simple enough, but apparently it drives the boys wild. And as a side benefit, they are boys near my age, not the geezers I was meeting before.

One day after getting the brunette bangs, I was left speechless by a guy working at Moe's. He laid it on so thick that I didn't know how to react. I just stood there and stammered out what I wanted on my tacos, absolutely flustered. What made me laugh, though, was that even though he wasn't my type, I was excited to see that he had to be within a few years of my age. That had never happened before in this town.

Yesterday, while buying pants and shoes at Ross, the guy who checked me out quite literally checked me out. I handed him my stuff, indicated that I'd brought my own bag (tree-hugger) and he said to me, "You are a very beautiful woman."

I mean, what the hell do you say to that? Other than, "thanks!"

So then he goes on to ask me if I have a boyfriend and I said yes I do (the details are sketchy and I barely see him, but this random dude didn't need to know that) and I said, "I'm probably too old for you anyway." To which he told me that he's 30, 5 full years older than the Dude actually, but I didn't say anything.

So the Ross Guy invited me to come back and see him any time, and I just walked out flustered.

I don't know what's going on, but I think it's the hair.

I'm glad the Dude saw my potential and asked me out before I had the hair. That shows real depth.

Happy new year, everyone!

Thanks for tuning in!