Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bless This House

Having grown up with a strict, dogmatic religion, I'm not the most enthusiastic churchgoer since before the 1990s. Having that background, though, I do understand that some things are better blessed than not.

My own mother told me that she got married in a church because she figured she needed all the help she could get!

My freelance career brought me into the path of a holy man about 4 years ago. He struck me as one of the kindest people I'd ever met. However, being as scattered as I was at that time (jobless, with a big mortgage, stuck in a town where I couldn't find a real friend), I didn't think to ask for his blessing.

I'm sure there are people who've taken an interest in me, blessing-wise, since then. I've had some incredible dreams and awakened feeling awesome, as if my burdens have been lifted. I've "felt the good vibes" at certain times, as it were. Those of you in tune with what this is will know what I'm talking about.

Following the example of an equally nonreligious sibling who nevertheless hangs up a Bless This House plaque under every roof, I decided to finally get my house blessed.

A friend who is full-throttle into raising a family also has a brood of animals to look after, and her church offered a pet blessing. She and her son took in one dog and many photo representations of other family pets.

Having seen her the day of the blessing, I asked her to take my house key with her and have it on her when she received the blessing. With my busy work schedule, I figured it was the quickest and most efficient way to get this task completed.

At the risk of sounding anti-climatic, I have to say that I feel better! I feel better being at home now. For years, I've avoided it. It's been a place to drop laundry and sleep and then my car has literally been the vehicle by which I can see good people or do good things. I've hated being here. Once in a great while, someone fun will pass through my threshold to visit; other than that, it's just been a huge expense in an inconvenient place that I didn't want to be.

Anyway, Universe, thanks for the blessing and thanks for this feeling of peace in my home. It is long overdue and much appreciated.

Jane Q. Phoenix.