Thursday, 17 July 2008

Makeover Time!!!

She's a beautician, not a magician, but I think tomorrow's trip to the hair stylist will reap some serious rewards. I told her on the phone the other day that I want to take a risk with the hair- basically, it's time for me to start looking like Jane Q Phoenix already, and I'm not there yet. Jane Q Phoenix has to have sassy hair, knowwhatImean? And I have something very sassy in mind. I'm thinking something like what you see above. Short bangs and a bob. Something that any dude would positively swoon over and come running toward. I have to do something to attract men with their acts together who were born within 6 years of my birth year, because I keep meeting old farts and guys who are barely older than I could have produced with a teen pregnancy. Someday when I get round to dating again, it would be nice to pick among my generation, knowwhatImean? Not baby boomers and not Generation Y or Z.

I can't wait for my new look!!!!