Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rough drafts abound...

OK, so with some embarrassment I will admit that I've been working on that list for years now. That list you make to the Universe to say, This is what I'm looking for in a man. But as Diva most astutely pointed out, I forget to mention everything that I think should be implied.

You can't imply that a man is generous, and a good tipper; you have to say it. You can't imply that he'll earn money and take care of his body; you have to say it. And don't laugh, but you have to specify that he works in your geographic location and plans to stay there... as Your Jane can attest, so many of them up and move away for a better job.

In my past lists, I have left out glaring things, some of which almost make me laugh as I look back and realize that maybe the man in question fit this bill perfectly; I just forgot to add the No Skoal and Illegal Drugs rule, or the No Narcissism and Alcohol Problem rule. Whoops! I had a list that said I wanted a man with beautiful hair, and I found one- 10 years younger. Relating to each other was a challenge, and it didn't last. Plus, if a man's good-looking (or even average), he doesn't need hair. So, I look back and wonder why that ended up on my list.

So my point is, sometimes you get what you ask for; generally, you do. BUT, it may not be what you really want. What is the saying that sometimes what you wish for is not what you really want? I think that applies.

Your Jane is hard at work at an exhaustive list. It is personal and will not be posted, although if you ask, I'll share it with you in person.

Jane Q. Phoenix

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most excellent, dahling!