Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Earthquake Dream

Hi all.

Had a crazy dream. I was inside a girls school in Italy or Greece (somewhere beautiful, foreign, and earthquake-prone) and while I was inside the school, there was a massive earthquake- so much so that the dust outside was so deep, it was as tall as the door! There was damage inside, although not too much, and along comes my best friend.

This isn't a best friend I've ever known in my waking life, but one whose appearance in this dream made me feel quite calm- like everything was under control even though the world outside was literally falling apart.

She said to me, "Don't worry. I know a way out of here. Follow me."

And so I went, following her through rooms of this school, to a window above a door. She opened it up and we both climbed through to the daylight.

People were glad to see us (not over the moon, but then again, we weren't all that worried when we were essentially buried underground). They said, "It's a shame the school was buried. It had such a great library and we can't use it anymore." But overall they weren't concerned.

I think this is because we all knew that we had everything we needed inside ourselves: our wisdom, our knowledge, and so on.

What do you think? Any interpretations for me?


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