Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Conversation with The Universe

JQP: Hi Universe, Jane here. I'm ready to collect on that lost weekend you promised me.

U: Oh hi, Jane! Good to hear from you. Yep, you should be all set. The only things you need are several last-minute wardrobe items, money, food for the road, and, of course, the guy.

JQP: YES! Universe, thanks so much for the guy. I never would have dreamed that was possible. Somehow, in this year of bad health and storm damage to my abode in Winterville, though, I figured something would have to go right sometime. But you have delivered me my crush from the 90s! Not Ian Astbury of the Cult, my other crush from the 90s!

(Disclaimer: Yes, I was a wee bit boycrazy then. I'm sure if people knew my true identity, they'd have all kinds of ideas about who this crush might be. Probably 20 of my mild-mannered public identity's male friends from that time period would think, Is she talking about me? Well, the answer is NO, unless you have a plane ticket to the Sunshine State and a rendezvous planned with me in a few weeks.)

U: Oooh, this is so exciting, Jane, just like the old days when you'd go traipsing across a fun exotic destination and I'd make sure you'd find plenty of adventures.

JQP: Yes, Universe! I've missed this too!

U: But you know, he's much older now.

JQP: Who? Ian Astbury or the guy?

U: Well, both.

JQP: You know, there's this guy I knew in high school who says he always remembers my crush on Ian Astbury. Whenever he sees Ian Astbury, he thinks of me.

U: Is this the guy who's coming to see you?

JQP: No, he's ummmm.... another crush from the 90s. But I could never take him seriously. He played football.

U: Oh, MY, Jane.

JQP: And you are right, we are all older.

U: And we are all exactly where we need to be, too. Remember that.

JQP: The guy wrote something to that effect to me months ago. I was having a really bad day, so it was funny to get that message from him.

U: See? I wouldn't put just anyone in your path.

JQP: Thank you so much, Universe. I can't wait to pack my bags and go!

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