Friday, 17 January 2014

Does Listening to Music You Discovered in 1996 Transport You Back to the Age You Were in 1996?

Friends, I have re-discovered the Wallflowers.  With every second of the grungy/Austin-inspired/wall-of-noise tunes, I am transported back to myself in 1996, the broke but happy college student/graduate/traveler/creative person.

I read somewhere in a feng shui book that someone did an experiment at an old folks' home and piped in music from the old people's youth.  In response to this, perhaps, the old people's bodies started producing cells that were as potent as the ones they'd produced when they were young.

Sometimes I hope for that.  Sometimes, when I'm not as keen on what the future holds as I probably should be.

"And I know you believe that you and me don't belong here,
And the worst we could do is keep trying to pretend we care.
But I hear voices, and I see colors, and I wish I felt nothing...
Then it might be easy for me, like it is for you.

Like it is for you,
Like it is for you."

Man, I love that song.  I used to drive around in my 2-door black hatchback and crank that song!  I was such an emotional emoter back in 1996- that's right, the same kind of person who really gets on my nerves now.  Funny how the tables turn.

If I need to feel positive about the future, I probably shouldn't listen to all my old CDs, but since I lost all the ITunes I'd input into my computer, I am listening to all my CDs again to re-enter them into ITunes.  Between being broke from the Recession and just getting older, my CD consumption has slowed to a trickle in recent years. So, much of the music that reminds me of recent days is not included in my CD collection.

But hopefully when I get up from working at my computer and listening to the Wallflowers later on today, I'll have that flat stomach I had back in 1996.  One can only hope.

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