Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dream Date with Darren, continued...

Hi friends! Today's blog is brief and late, although with the supermoon this weekend I was able to not only go to writing class and work on editing someone else's book but actually finish (the first draft of) THIS book! It's a good thing for my sake that we only get full moons once per month. So please excuse the delay, and enjoy your Sunday.
   “So did you ever take my advice?” he asked as we walked toward the surf.
   “What advice?” I pulled my hat down onto my head as the wind threatened to take it away.
   “To watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000. That’s some serious entertainment.”
   “Oh yes. One of my friends has Netflix on her TV and I saw it there. How I got through the 1990s without it, I don’t know.”
   He smiled. “Well, I had to bring up something after you mentioned Monty Python.”
   “That’s the first time I’ve ever mentioned Monty Python on a first date.”
   “So that’s why you’re single,” he joked. “If you’d have mentioned it sooner, someone would have snapped you up years ago.” I laughed.
   “Why are you single, Darren? I mean, you are still single, right?”
   “Yes, I told you that already. It’s just so hard to find a person you like enough to date, you know? South Florida is nice, but it’s not much of a place to date, unless you want to date a poodle.”
    “High-maintenance woman, you mean?”
    “Exactly. See, Jane, you’re more of a Jack Russell terrier. Less fancy and a lot more fun.”
    “Are you calling me a dog?” I taunted. He smirked.

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