Saturday, 27 September 2014

Being committed to an institution

Billy Idol once said that marriage was an institution, and he didn't want to be committed to an institution: a typical Saggittarius punk rocker sentiment, to be sure. Although I was about 14 years old and wanted to marry Billy Idol himself at the time, I appreciated his wit- and still do.

Years later, I'm getting married for real soon, and I'm looking forward to our brief celebration followed by a long weekend away. The decision to marry was an easy one. The terms "obvious" and "no-brainer" have been used to describe it. I don't have any questions about it in theory. It seems like the logical next step.

Creative projects, though, are different. Today was a day I'd waited for all year long- the day when my book-in-progress would be critiqued- and I've come away with a lot of comments- some good, some bad, some ugly. It makes me wonder: do I keep plugging away at this project, or switch to something else? If I don't stick with it, does that show a lack of commitment on my part? Or would it be better for me to go in another direction, let this project marinate for a while, and regroup later?

Commitment is a complex issue with me. How do I figure out what needs my attention now? What stays and what goes? (And now I have that Clash song in my head!) When I wondered earlier what I should do, I didn't get a clear response from my Magic 8 Ball. Well, it did say, "Concentrate and ask again." So that is what I'll do.

But first, I'm giving myself the rest of the day off.

All my best to you.

Yours truly,

Jane and author

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