Friday, 23 March 2012

Old-fashioned advice never goes out of style

Diva introduced me to runes a few years ago. Well, it could have been several years ago; Diva and I go way back. In any case, my runes are flat stones with ancient symbols carved on them. When we bought our rune kits, the bag and stones were accompanied by a book that would help us understand them.

I came up with my own quirky names for them, such as Argyle Sock (Inguz), F (Ansuz), P (Wunjo), R (Raido), H (Hagalz), Crowbar (Laguz), M (Ehwaz), B (Berkana), Lightening (Sowelu) and Bow Tie (Dagaz). Have a look at the symbols and you'll know what I mean. M (movement, progress, the horse) is my favorite. If you pick this rune, and it appears to you upside down (reversed), this is the interpretation:

Movement that appears to block. Be certain that what you are doing- or not doing- is timely. There are no missed opportunities. You have simply to recognize that not all possibilities are open to you, that not all opportunities are appropriate. The opportunity at hand may be precisely to avoid action. If you are feeling at a loss, unclear about your need to act, consider what is timely to your nature and remember: What is yours will come to you.

I added the words in bold for my emphasis. Why? Because I need to remind myself that every time a guy I liked didn't ask me out, every time my resume ended up in the circular file where I wanted a job, every time something didn't happen, it's because it wasn't supposed to happen. And I have to make peace with that.

Today's rune is pretty sunny and optimistic. I picked Kano, which looks like the Less Than sign used in math. "This is the Rune of Opening and renewed clarity, of dispelling the darkness that has been shrouding some part of our life. You are now free to receive gifts and to know the joy of non-attached giving."

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? I've run into a few dark situations these last several months, but springtime is the season of hope and new beginnings.

Your Jane

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