Saturday, 21 April 2012

Venus in Hiding, Just Like Us

"Romantically, you will be hosting Venus in a very secret place in the chart for a long time, a place associated with clandestine relationships, but when Venus moves out on August 7, the affair would come out into the open, not necessarily of your choosing or your liking. The relationship may not be one you initiated, but one you were drawn into, and you may not know your new partner is not single and not available. It's a tricky situation, further complicated by the fact that Venus will retrograde May 15-June 27. Be careful.

A better way to use this energy is to make a move toward making reconciliation with a former love. Next month, Venus will retrograde, which means "go back" to an earlier time. Venus will retrograde from May 15 to June 27. No guarantees, but you might find your former partner feels the way you do."

-Excerpt from our horoscope by Susan Miller this month (my sun sign/ Diva's ascendant)

We were never together, so there has been no reconciliation per se, but I am emailing with an old crush of mine these days. It turns out he had a crush on me too, back in the day. Isn't that funny? He lives far away so there aren't any hopes for a hot date in the future, but it is nice to converse with a man once in a while. I've really missed it.

More than that, I've missed keeping company with men who hold down jobs and who aren't unmedicated and bipolar. Yes, I know it's important to love and accept people as they are, but my last boyfriend was a doozy! One of the best quotes about love came from my sister recently. She said, "I know my husband loves me, but I'm not going to test that love by quitting my job!" You have the ethereal (chemistry, love, compatibility) on one hand and the practical (ability to pay bills and not engage in consequence-laden high-risk behaviors, for example) on the other. I am no authority on love relationships, but at least I understand that. My ex-boyfriend had 3 jobs in 8 months, and that's not even half the story.

As much as I appreciate the work of astrologer Susan Miller (although she's taken 6 months to ship out the book we ordered, a "guide to 2012" which is 1/3 over in about a week), I highly doubt that Diva or I will manage a clandestine relationship while Venus goes into hiding. She has more options than I do, given her geographic location, bigger circle of friends, and better health, but she's getting her life together, and that's not the time to add in a secret boyfriend.

I am still regaining my foothold in the world of healthy people. It's amazing how far I got knocked down by illness. Certain new-agey theories say that I brought this illness on, but I have to disagree. When you have a genetic predisposition to something (and in my case, aren't even aware that the problem exists in your family tree until after the diagnosis), I'm sorry, but all bets are off. Shit happens sometimes, you know? You just have to deal with it and get better to whatever possible.

I thought it was funny that Venus is in hiding, because that is my and Diva's basic response most of the time anyway. We are both famous for taking loooong breaks from dating, and when things go bad, we run away, run away quickly. I don't know about her, but sometimes I'm struck by the futility of it all and just want life to be "normal," which of course means "single." It's only been in recent years that I've stopped trying to reset my life to what it was before said male came into the picture.

So it's Venus, Jane, and Diva in hiding. Will anything come along that's worth our while, that will draw us out of our shells? Apparently not until after August 7, but with all the stuff we need to do between now and then, who cares?

Yours truly,
Jane Q. Phoenix

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