Sunday, 22 April 2012

Why do I have so many questions? Ha ha ha

Today, Diva and I met up in a spiritualist community. I was excited going into the situation; I wondered if we'd see a medium, if one of her deceased friends would have a message for her, if I'd get any advice for the issues that I constantly wonder about... as with most situations, I theorized more about what would happen than I probably should. I mean, I'm not exactly a role model when it comes to letting go and letting God. I'm a better example at running all possible scenarios through my head and wondering which will happen.

This is such a waste of time! This became clear to me twice today:

1) First, Diva and I had our auras photographed. Hers was balanced between the upper and lower colors in the chakras, whereas mine was red through green- the lower energies. I didn't hear enough of Diva's interpretation because they were playing great music and I was dancing around to ELO until I realized he was talking to her about it. Then, we get to my picture and before it even developed, the guy said, "Don't be ruled by your passions." Diva's man in tow asked if I was in love, because my aura had a lot of red in it. We laughed about that! No, that would be way too fun. I just pay way too much attention to the conflicts in my life... without even thinking about the new conflicts there will be when the current conflicts are resolved. Ah, jeez. I need to get back into meditating. The mind needs to quiet down for a change. I also need to get back into theatre. It's good for me to sit in the dark for 2 hours and be immersed in some drama is separate from my reality.

2) We met the most fascinating woman and talked with her for a while. It was a fascinating conversation that covered a lot of spiritual topics. In the age of Pisces, Jesus was the primary spiritual leader, but now that we've entered the age of Aquarius, it's a new kid on the block named St. Germain! I had no idea. We talked about healing and different therapies for ill health, such as using sodium bicarbonate to treat cancer! I have to look that up. Apparently someone with leukemia started taking Alka-Seltzer for stomach upset and reversed his disease. Amazing. The conversation meandered for a long time and was really cool.

After that, Diva said she was done, that we didn't need to do anything else today. We'd done enough.

It was a gorgeous day. I had the sunroof open and sometimes the windows too, as I drove. I sang along with a few songs and realized that I was truly in the moment. It was great.

Hope you had a fine and lovely Earth Day weekend,


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Anonymous said...

PS I got some aura insights from an acupuncturist today. Given that I've been getting treatment for a serious medical condition, she said that the first 2 chakras would logically be prominent, and as I feel better, the other colors will their places in my aura. Interesting!!!