Monday, 23 June 2014

What Happens on the Island Stays on the Island, continued...

What gives, Jane? You ask. Why the delays lately?

So much is going on! That's what. I've focused on all that is: my health, relationships, freelance work- along with all that will be: a super exciting job lead and upcoming interview. Cross your fingers and toes for me, friends!

Right now, it's a beautiful day. I have the window opened and I can hear the birds, the traffic, and the occasional outburst or declaration of "GOAL!!!!!" It's time for the World Cup again- GO SPORTS!


   We returned to the hotel, where I grabbed my kindle and headed for the nearest hammock while Diva primped for the rehearsal dinner. The walk to the beach was quiet and lovely. The breeze made the palm fronds sway back and forth as it blew, and the sound in the air mixed with the sound of the waves crashing nearby. I smiled as I recalled a relaxation CD that consisted entirely of sounds like that. The real thing is better, I thought.
   Beyond the pool deck, across the lawn leading up the white sand beach, I spotted a few empty hammocks strung between palm trees. Oh hell yes, I thought, and rather ungracefully ended up in the middle of one, with my feet facing the ocean.
   I lay in the hammock reading until the temperature around me grew slightly cooler, and I closed the kindle and also closed my eyes for what I intended to be a few minutes. But the crash of the water on the sand, coupled with the sound of faraway voices of people playing in the pool, lulled me into a deep relaxation. When I opened my eyes again, the sky was dark.
   After blinking my eyes a few times, I ungracefully maneuvered my way out of the hammock, located my flip-flops in the sand, and started back toward our room, passing a group of revelers at the bar along the way. My contact lenses were blurry and I couldn't see very well, so I went back to the room, took out my contact lenses, showered, dressed in a sweat-free new outfit, put on my stylish cat-eye glasses, and returned to the poolside party once again.
A bartender in a gaudy orange Hawaiian shirt, beige shorts, and flip-flops ran from side to side inside the bar, taking care of the expanded group for Maria and Michael’s wedding.
   “Where have you been?” Diva asked as I approached. She still wore a dark pink halter-top dress from the rehearsal dinner.
   “You look like a pin-up,” I told her.
   “So do you!” she said. I wore Capri pants, a sleeveless top, and a necklace made out of shells.
   “You are the more dressy pin-up. I’ll be the casual.”
   “I know! I’d change, except there are cameras everywhere!”
   “Jane!” Enzo called out from the bar. “I’ve been missing you!”
   “Oh dear,” I said, and a few people near me laughed, including Diva.
Soon, he was by my side and kissing my hand again. “So where were you?”
   “Yeah, Jane, where were you? I texted you a few times after dinner, and you were just- poof- gone.”
   “You’ll never guess,” I said.
   “Limbo contest?” she guessed. I shook my head.
   “Don’t tell me you were working,” Enzo chided.
   “I would never! I laid down in a hammock to read and woke up a few hours later.”
   “Are you serious? That’s awesome. I am so jealous!” Diva said.
   “That’s great,” Enzo added. “That means you can stay up all night with me.”
   “Oh, is that what that means?” I asked. Diva rolled her eyes.
   “Go easy on my friend, Enzo,” she said.
   “I’ll go easy on her,” he said, raising his eyebrows and looking deep into my eyes.
   “Hmmm… So you texted me earlier, Diva?” I said, trying to change the subject.
Another couple joined the party, and Enzo excused himself to go greet them after I wouldn’t return his gaze.
   I looked at my phone. There were two missed calls from Diva and three texts. Two were from her, and one was from an unknown number.
   I opened the mystery text and caught my breath when I read:
   Hi Jane, it’s Darren here. Want to meet for lunch tomorrow? I have a break from 1 until 3, then I have to be back at the ship.

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