Thursday, 22 May 2008

Trip down memory lane... confessions by Jane about how life was more fun when there were more Irish boys to flirt with

In meeting up with Hermione last weekend to celebrate my first published article in 9 years and my new job, she mentioned that she had ruined her pictures from our trip to Ireland (on which we met, along with Dancing Diva and our friend Smiling Flower, who lives near the actual city we once inhabited and is currently pregnant with twins. Hermione and I were roommates and got along swimmingly as you'd imagine, since we're in touch 13 years later). The trip was in 1995. After some hunting, I found some of the negatives and had copies made for her. I also went through my old album and found duplicates, so Dancing Diva, you will also be receiving some pics in the mail. Hopefully it will be a fun surprise. I'll be on a mission tomorrow to take care of all of my errands before the weekend begins and I'm on my feet for 10 hours per day TCB at the beautiful nature park. Hopefully I'll get to the post office then.

All of this looking back makes me nostalgic. Diva, remember when we were on the phone, either late last year or early this year, and you said that you hadn't had a truly fun year in like 11 years! And I agreed! I mean, why is it so challenging to be an adult? Why is there so much stress???

My current job is a throwback to my first post-college job in a resort in a national park, except back then, for co-workers, there were tons of guys who were my age and now there are tons of guys who are old! (Well, there are some super-young ones now but they are completely ridiculous and out of the question- which begs the question- why did we have so much fun when we were young and ridiculous?) I think I just answered my own question.

Why is the ridiculousness so hard to recapture? I see glimpses of it every now and then. Hermione had me cackling in an Italian restaurant last week. I told her I knew of a guy who was a herpetologist and she asked if he studied herpes, and if so, were there chlamydiologists too? Oh, Hermione, you are killing me, but in a good way, softly with your songs of ridiculousness as it were.

I can just feel better knowing that I am not aggravating my carpal tunnel, or making my vision worse squinting at a computer monitor. Physically I am better off running around, and this job makes that possible. I'll get tired of being dirty and sweaty soon enough, but the fact is that I feel good when I leave for work. I don't spend time the night before dreading it or feel it sap my energy. I can get stuff done when I get home from work and don't just drag myself around. It is so nice! And so unusual. No wonder it's seasonal work with no future and no benefits that pays less than what I need to cover my bills. Reasonably stress-free living comes at a price.

All I know is that right now I'm learning this job and I think I'll need a few months of fun at the park with the turtles and fish before I can think about returning to an air-conditioned environment where I'd be expected to iron my clothes (perish the thought!). Besides, Mercury is retrograde from a few days from now until mid-June. I'm superstitious after accepting my last disaster of a job and starting it within a few days of Mercury going retrograde. The longer I live, the more superstitions I come up with. Is that bad???

It was fun to see old pictures Hermione had of me with Senor Beautiful Stephen from California as well as our friend Paddy. These were my Dublin boyfriends as it were. How come we didn't have that much fun when we went out in our regular hometown? I mean, really.

I guess it's just that vacation mentality that's so hard to capture when you're at home. With gas at $4 per gallon, it's going to take a lot to recapture those vibes again. (Sometimes, though, when I'm in my room watching TV, I pretend that I'm in a hotel room somewhere exotic. Am I crazy? I just rearranged the room, so it really does feel like somewhere else.)

My good news is, the drought is abating and we're having some rain here in the Rain Forest. Oooh, I hope it rains tonight so I can listen to it while I fall asleep.

Hooray, I just heard some thunder. Time to go dream of happy things and fly with my wings (see previous entry from April about finding a soft spot to land if you don't get that reference).

Your tree-hugging amiga,

Jane Q. Phoenix


Dancing Diva said...

those days were so much fun. I had an interesting dream the other night, telling me I must go to Burning Man. Want to come?

Jane Q Phoenix said...

Sounds like fun. Maybe I can come. I'll have to find out when it is and I'll let you know.