Sunday, 18 May 2008

well no wonder!

So, for the past few days, I have been one big ball of an emotional mess. I'm grumpy, and sad, and at other times, just so touched by things that I could cry. I also am quite irritated by little things. I'm irritated with myself as well (at least I include myself in my ire.) All the while, I'm wondering why on earth because I've actually been feeling quite good recently, and grateful for my life. But the past two days?? Big mess.

I just took a lovely bike ride to the grocery store, and the day is gorgeous-sun, blue skies, cool breeze. I started getting wistful for the days I would just ride my bicycle everywhere, and now it seems I just hardly ever have time. And I realized part of it growing up. Instead of putting everything else off to go ride my bike like I used to, now I put off the bike riding for everything else-chores, school, work. So that's part of it. 

And as I got home and sat down to the computer, still wondering why I've been such a grump lately instead of enjoying the days I do have, I saw the calender and the lightbulb went off. Yes, hormones are kicking in and putting me on this rollercoaster-PMS.  Well, no wonder! I can look at my melodramatics (nobody loves me!! I have no friends!! What am I doing with my life?I want to go home! I'm so saaaaaad!) with a bit more humor and discernment. 

What a relief!

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Jane Q Phoenix said...

You are loved. Don't worry about it. Plus, wasn't yesterday (or maybe today) the full moon? See my latest entry- I can't stop spilling my guts either, and I have no hormonal excuse.

Ahhhh! Feel better, lunar lass, and have some chocolate!