Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Today, I woke up so full of love...

Truly, I did.

They say the Dalai Lama wakes up every morning with a hope to be of service to all beings everywhere. Well, I haven't quite progressed that far, but today I woke up so happy. I thought of all the people I love and even the people I love who challenge me greatly and I just wished them all well. I thought of all the jerks that have made me mad and greatly inconvenienced my life and wished them well, too. Love is just in the air, for some reason. Not like romantic love, but love of others. Agape, the Greek friendship-type love. Something. It's definitely there.

I've had some ideas about a new project: the story of Jane's enlightenment. It occurred to me that I already have an interesting cast of characters, including a spirit guide who says his name is Mike (but I don't believe him. More on that later.)

OK, so I've had 3 dreams about this "Mike" character. The first was the famous "I'm flying with pink wings and everything's going to work out just fine!" dream from last April. Then, I went to a reverend, a psychic, another psychic, and everyone has different ideas about who this Mike is. Some say he's a spirit guide; others say I met him via astral projection, which I really don't understand; and one said he was the masculine side of my psyche, and therefore he's no one in particular who ever lived or crossed my path. Maybe he's a relative of mine, long dead. I thought he looked a bit like an uncle who's been gone many years, back in his younger days. But that guy's name was long and ethnic. He was no "Mike."

The psychic told me to ask him to come back to my dreams, and he did, but I was so excited to see him in the second dream that all I did was jump up and down and hug him. I still had no idea who he was, but the vibe he gave me was like a coolest-person-ever/best friend kind of vibe.

THEN came the third dream. By then, I had calmed down about the idea of this "cute guy following me around all the time" (which, really, is what a spirit guide is, if yours is a cute guy) and I had this dream where he showed up and I was like, "All right, who are you and what's your name?" and he said Mike.

And that just stopped me in my tracks. I thought he was joking. Mike, like the dude I dated a while back, one of my high school crushes, one of my junior high crushes, some of my childhood classmates... not to mention, the most popular name given to boys from about 1960 until about 1980. How many Mikes do you know? There's a ton of them out there.

So I said to him, "I don't believe you!" and he just laughed and thought that was hysterical. "I'm supposed to get some mystical advice from a guy named Mike? The entity talking to me from the Great Mystery is named Mike? How can this be real?"

I ended up hitting him in the belly with the back of my hand and just getting confused. I woke up out of that dream laughing but feeling a bit strange.

If he was joking or it was just a dream, what a crazy dream!

Mike. Really?

So it occurred to me that I could write 10 stories about Jane and each would correspond to a different chakra. The first covers red, chakra 1, which deals with physical identity and self-preservation (unemployment, bleak outlook, and the dream with wings). Chakra 2, Orange, covers more of the hedonistic side of things, which I was happy to explore last summer and fall in Paradise Island. Chakra 3, yellow, covers personal power, vitality, and confidence- the last few months, reuniting with old friends, starting a new and fabulous job.

Apparently we're on to chakra 4, given that I woke up full of love and peace, although I am a little bit nervous about that. (I'd hoped to spend a long, long time in chakra 3 yellow but time marches on). It's all about love, relationships, communication and romance. Uh-oh. You guys know how I am about trying to relate to the dudes. Yet lately, I've wanted to give it a try. This is a HUGE breakthrough as far as I'm concerned. To want to go on dates? Crazy for my usual self. But maybe being in Winterville and having no one come along for so long has made me want to "get out there" again.

Each story will have-
a description of whatever action takes place to illustrate the chakra and area of life highlighted
a "visit (and lesson, if there's one) from Mike"
and will connect to the next.

I can embellish, change, or make up what I want, because after all, as Jane I am a character who lives through someone else slightly more mild-mannered anyways.

Well, this was just a little brainstorming on the blog. Hope it makes some kind of sense to you, or you at least got a kick out of the whole "Mike" story.

Mike. It's just like in Ireland when I met a cute boy named Mick. I went looking for him the next time we were out, and my friend BD said, "Why do you bother? There's 10,000 Micks in Ireland!" But he was CUTE- looked like a young George Harrison.

Well, whatever. Mike, if you're going to be visiting my dreams again soon, I'll try not to give you such a hard time.




~ martha ~ said...

I have so much more to read. But i know that one of the best feelings is finally feeling okay after so long of not.

Liberation is key.

Jane Q Phoenix said...


"Love is the answer."
-John Lennon