Sunday, 6 December 2009

A love note to Winterville

Dear Winterville:

Oh, how your mists have inspired poems of yore, but lately, I've talked badly about you too. I abhor getting checked out when I pump gas at the BP and getting phone numbers from old men, and I blame that on you, Winterville, I blame that on you.

But if we really examine the past, I didn't come here to find dates. I came here to escape from someone who had taken me for granted, who actually wondered if we had a future together after he'd completely ignored me for 4 months when I lived 30 minutes away from him up in Far Far Away Land. Yes, Winterville, you were going to rescue me. You were going to give me work to keep me busy so that I wouldn't have to worry about men anymore. Stinky jerky men. Men who make promises they don't intend to keep. Men who to whom you want to give the benefit of the doubt, but who make you look like a jackass in the end for putting up with so much rejection. Yes, that's what I'm talking about, Winterville. I didn't think it so tragic that your dating pool doesn't exist because I thought I'd just forget about that part of my life.

How wrong I was, o Winterville! How I do miss the company of men- and by men I mean guys born within 6 years of me, not old farts who sneak looks at my ass when I'm pumping gas. Ugh.

I grew up in a town like you, where I made friends who were so loyal and compatible that we still see each other and keep in touch, but the connections I've made here have been different. Sometimes I feel like nobody at all gets me, do you know what I mean? I tried, at first, to be part of the Young Professionals Networking Group. I figured, I wanted to meet people, make friends, and get some job leads as the first job obviously didn't pan out, and off I went... to be rejected over and over until I just stopped going to those "events" they put on. I don't understand. I have been able to find communities of friendly people in every other town I've lived in, so why not here? My friends in my home city ranged from the artistic to the professional. Sure, some of them didn't like to mix with each other, but I enjoyed their company immensely.

I think it is me, Winterville. You just DON'T like me. And how you show it!

So yes, Winterville, I have grown discontent and complained at length about you- not being able to connect socially in a new town will make this happen! All the stuff that went down at my job here didn't help either. Since moving here, I've been strapped for money almost continually, and now I have to leave the county to work and earn enough to make ends meet! Seriously, Winterville, you have not-friendly "young professionals," don't support enough of an economy to allow me a job here, and I want to wear a muumuu every time I pump gas, lest I be leered at by some creep!

But let's not get too far off track. This is a love letter, remember? So now that you are FULLY aware of why I've complained about you, here is what I love about you.

1) Your nonexistent traffic. Oh, how I laugh when people get antsy in traffic here. They wouldn't last 3 minutes in Far Far Away Land. Traffic up there will teach you patience (just like trying to make friends in this town will teach you patience!).
2) Your awesome shopping. I've never seen thrift stores so full of cool stuff. Sure, I've been broke since I got here, but I've still managed to decorate my walls.
3) Your weather. It is lovely in the fall, it is lovely in the spring, it is lovely a lot of the time... and in the summer, I'm either at work in the a.c. or out of state on vacation so that's really not an issue. Let it fry an egg on the sidewalk once in a while. I'm good.
4) The peace and quiet! Any other town and I wouldn't have time to work on my creative projects- there would be tons of stuff to do! But at least here, I am getting some things accomplished. I'll know more about how project 1 will go in the spring, but in the meantime, I'll keep plugging away.
5) The nature trails, the landscapes, the stars at night. I did dream of a place like this when I lived in my home city where the ambient light blocked out all the stars.
6) The food! There are some great eateries around Winterville Townhome, and thank goodness for that.

Winterville, you and I will be together for a while, and I want to make the most of it. Between a cool exercise buddy, 2.5 acquaintances, and an improv group that meets up every once in a while, I can piece together enough of an existence here for the time being. Oh yea, and write that bestseller. Thanks for the background noise of quiet, Winterville. You have taught me a lot.


Jane Q. Phoenix

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