Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sometimes you need to sleep in a new bed to dream a new dream

Hi amigas, Jane here.

No, I don't have a special friend who's allowing me sleepover privileges... I took the space heater into my writing room, cranked it up, and slept in the twin bed I bought a year ago to accommodate guests (well, one guest at a time). My birds, who winter here, were able to stay warmer too, and I didn't wake up surrounded by arctic air, as I do when I sleep in my regular bedroom on the north side of the house.

It was a nice way to start a year- to lie in a new bed, remember the last time I slept in a twin bed (I think it was when I lived with Diva, before we moved my bed in to her apartment, about 12 years ago) and the dreams I had... as a college freshman in the dorms, living in the Mountains, and living at Diva's Place. Who was I then? What did I hope for? Who did I wish would love me or love me back? I thought about all of those things and realized that I don't have to be so cynical and grown-up all the time. It's time to pull again from my memory bank and find some cheesy song lyrics to describe it... if only my brain were working yet.

All I can think of is Huey Lewis' "Do you believe in love?"

Yes. Of course I believe in love. The fun kind especially, which has eluded me for years!!! Since 2004, to be precise...

Diva and I talked about our ideas about the new year. We both had readings done; we both think maybe there are some romances on the agenda for your Jane and Diva. We are (understandably) both pretty excited about these prospects. Hmmm...

Maybe the dreams I can dream when I regress to a little bed, in a room full of sunshine and parakeets, will find me this year. Let's hope so.

Happy new year, amigas! May you be overpowered with good vibes and happy people this year!

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