Monday, 13 February 2012

Why can't we be friends????

So I'm talking to my ex-boyfriend. Just talking.

It's interesting because it's easier (for me) to talk to someone I am not dating. All those awkward things you don't want to talk about as someone's girlfriend just don't matter so much when it isn't your boyfriend you're talking to. It's very liberating in a way.

Friends are great because they can make decisions you'd never agree with but, as their friend, you can support them anyway. Decisions that impact their physical health, finances, education, etc. don't really need your buy-in because you're not looking at them as someone you'd need to keep healthy, to possibly raise a family with, combine credit with, etc.

Maybe the bottom line here is that the more serious I take anything, the less fun it becomes.

I keep having to realize this. Hmmmm...

Have a relaxed and stress-free day.

Jane Q Phoenix

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