Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My girlfriends would kill me if they knew I was posting these pictures. Seriously.

It's been quite a summer, friends. Of course, it still is summer, and with that all the sweating and napping and taking day trips and all that jazz.

I've been to the beach a few times this summer. Once, it was sunny. I will explain.

Memorial Day brought my friend in S from out of town in the Big City.  She needed a few days of R&R. So we packed up some beach towels and headed to Howard Beach near Tarpon Springs.  I gave her my Elvis towel to use, which you can see in this picture. I love this picture because there is so much color in it, and it really captured the moment. She does not claim this picture and asked me not to post it on Facebook and tag her, which I have honored. However, since you, dear reader, probably don't know S, you get to see the picture.

A group of friends whom I've known since about age 16 also got together at the beach around the 4th of July- in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to be exact.  I drove up with two friends and met two more at our rented beach house.

Our rental house was lovely and had beautiful back porches on the second and third floors looking out upon a dune that, in turn, led to the Atlantic Ocean.  Say it with me- ahhhhh.   We were so psyched to be there.  But then, the weather did not cooperate. It rained the whole time we were there, until the last day when I had to catch a plane. Drat. But I did spend time with my friends before I left, while they enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, and this was the scene that I found on that one sunny day:

These girls absolutely refuse to be photographed on the beach, but I did it anyway. From far away, with their backs to me.

One is actually 7 months pregnant in the picture. She won't allow beach pictures when she's not pregnant! So of course this photo was taken in the greatest of secrecy, and never shared.

I do think, though, that it too has an idyllic look to it. Three friends sharing some good times at the beach, soaking up some rays, doing what they've done together for over 20 years.

It's unlikely that any of these friends will see these pictures, but if they do, I'm sure I'll hear about it!


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