Saturday, 17 August 2013

Phoenix boots in red? Now, wasn't that thoughtful of somebody!

Who are these people at Luchese and what inspired them to make these phoenix boots?

They are conveniently not too high-heeled, as my days of sexy boots are few and far between, given that I've suffered from vertigo and need to keep my center of gravity as low as possible, lest I fall and bruise up my legs again (never a fun thing).

They are also not of the pointy-toed variety, which looks cool but really annoys my toes.

All I needed was $336 and a place/event to actually wear these boots. Then I could have bought them.  However, the practical side of me won out (this time).

But still, I wonder, what magic inspired them? And will there be cause for me to go back to this wonderful place and perhaps buy them?

I saw a medium a few months ago, and she told me that we all draw ideas from the same source. I've heard it called the Collective Unconscious.  I'm struck by these boots in that at some point, they were on someone's drawing board. Ever detail (feather, if you will) was planned and then executed in leather in such an artful way.

And recently I've been inspired by Diva's pictures that she posts and her artistic eye as well.  She and I really need to finish our collaborative book so people can enjoy it, and so that we can have the experience of having more of our work out there in the world.

I hope this note finds you well and amused at my odd fashion sense.  Phoenix boots! Whoda thunk it???

Yours truly,

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