Saturday, 12 October 2013

Putting it away

Today I took a major step toward acknowledging my healthy future.  I put away all of the things that remind me of having been sick.  The anti-nausea medicine, the vapo-rub, the microwavable heatable pad, everything except for what I take every day to keep the bad symptoms away.

It felt good! I needed to organize things and this was one thing that I had hanging around. I don't need to look at that stuff anymore, since I hardly need it.

(Ironically, I needed some anti-vertigo meds this morning. But I took them and went back to sleep and all's well.)

I threw out some stuff, too.  Old vitamins. Amazing how that stuff gets gross and old. Pills go in the trash, bottles go in the recycling bin.

I wish I could be this organized all the time.

Hope this weekend is great for you,


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