Wednesday, 16 March 2011

As Jane well knows (bless her for listening to my obsessive ramblings!), I've been interested in this man I know for a while now. He's interesting, charming, good looking and fun to be around. We've become good friends. However, this man is preoccupied with someone unavailable to him (as I am preoccupied with him-unavailable to me.) The irony is not lost to me.

There have been signs that perhaps he might possibly have gained some interest in yours truly, but the seesaw totters back and forth, and I have kept hanging on to the hope that maybe this man might one day wake up to realize what he's got in front of him (MEEE!) However, as time moves on, I'm getting more than a bit fed up.

It occurred to me that I am guilty of the same thing as he is-hoping for some morsel of affection from someone who is either not willing or not capable of giving it. Jane has pointed out that when he does show interest in women, these women all have one thing in common-they are unavailable to him. And I have questioned--am I doing the same thing with him? And I think the answer might just be yes.

So recently, I've been questioning my one-sided attachment to this man. And I've been asking myself, "Don't I deserve better?" I mean, he might be wonderful and fun and a really good guy, but don't I deserve someone just as wonderful that actually wants to be with me?? What a concept!

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