Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cool metal (you know, like Blue Steel of Zoolander fame)

Amigas and Amigos:

A few days ago, I made a fervent wish: that I would be one of those mellow, happy people who are better at going with the flow. I think I got my wish, in the oddest of ways.

According to Chinese medicine, acupuncture specifically, having a migraine is the result of having a buildup of "heat" in the energetic body. I've felt this coming on for quite some time, and my quick temper has grown quicker over the past few months. Having the migraine, for me, stopped the world. I had no choice but to relax (unravel is more like it) and stay still.

The physical symptoms went beyond a hurting head and the inability to function; I noticed heat. Heat coming out of me (hot pee!), heat in my belly, a little dizziness. My acupuncturist says that the heat was traveling down and out of my body. Thank goodness.

Case in point: I had some pretty haphazard directions to get to a destination this weekend. Usually, being halfway lost will send me into an anxious tirade, spouting things like, "Crappaddodles. crapidy crap, crappers, crap. Who in the hell made it so I can't get onto the expressway from this lane? Jerks. Jerky jerkfaces. They are all jerks. I hate them all!" Whereas this weekend, I didn't get mad at all. I just tried a few things, and stopped for directions to check that I was on the right track (I was). At no point did I give anyone attitude (a real accomplishment, when logging a few hours behind the wheel) and I was proud of myself.

Another acupuncturist (I know, I am acquainted with about a dozen) told me that my personality was very metal- which means, I have a place for everything and put everything in its place, I organize my life as much as I can, and I keep track of things meticulously, which I believe is true. I wouldn't have a detail-oriented job like I have if I wasn't this way. But it's my goal to be a cool metal as opposed to a hot one. Hot metal burns, while cold metal won't let go of little kids' tongues as we saw in A Christmas Story. But cool metal, it feels good. Soothing. That's my goal. That's what I want to be.

After arriving at my destination and getting in some R&R, I can tell you, I am one mellow amiga. Having rested, I am ready for the regular world again...

Best wishes for a great week,
Your Jane


Anonymous said...

No attitude while driving?? Where is the fun in that???

Anonymous said...

Why waste energy on attitude when you can belt out some awesome Johnny Cash tunes instead? Come on now, Diva!