Saturday, 21 September 2013

A soak in the ocean, a walk on the beach, some time in the sun

Friends, I ran away today. To the beach. I needed some time in the breeze under the hot sun.

I mentioned before that it's rained on me most of the time I've been at the beach this year. Attempts to walk on the beach were met with soaking rain... but today was different. I walked as long as I wanted in the sun. It was gorgeous.

I saw this interesting man where I sat. I called him Adam Clayton circa 1989. Check out the hair!

Of course, the rock theme continued as I found myself in the middle of, you guessed it, a Flock of Seagulls!

I don't know if you've figured out the connection, but I am a bird person. Always have been. It, along with my crush on River, was why I picked Phoenix as my last name. My goal is to be, you guessed it, a mythological bird.

Funny how the use of the word "bird" refers to women in certain circles. Usually older dudes use this type of language, and it's not always the most respectful. However, I think Diva and I qualify as crazy birds. After all, she is known for wearing a feathered boa!

Birds of a feather flock together.

Freaks of a feather rock together, according to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The third picture shows what I call punk rock birds. I don't know what they are called officially, but goodness, don't they look cool?

On my own, in my black tankini, I noticed the behavior of people around me. A couple duos of young men walked close by to get a closer look. I was flattered as hell. Then there were the older dudes, with whom I didn't make eye contact.

I am glad to be spoken for in the boyfriend department.

The beach is a great equalizer. We are all judged on the basis of our belly fat, or lack thereof. Our bathing suits, even those that cover much, really don't leave much to the imagination.

Young people, 17-18 years old, were everywhere. It cracked me up to hear snippets of their conversations. Stuff about, "Thanks for letting me vent. I can't talk to anyone at school or this will get back to my mom." There's so much that my friends and I used to worry about that we don't anymore. Things have changed so much. In a way, I still feel like a kid that age.  But then I realize that a long time has passed since those glorious days in the sun with my friends.

It was a good day to just lounge. I'll be honest: I have a lot of work to do on my book, and I intend to do it tomorrow. However, today's beach time made me relaxed in a way that I've needed for a while. It was worth the drive to come home and sleep for 2 solid hours after my shower. I felt like my brain had been unplugged for the first time in a while.

Thank goodness. There's been so much to think about lately, and not all fun stuff either.

Friends, I hope you have a wonderful week. This is your postcard from paradise.
Yours truly,

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Anonymous said...

those lovely punk rock birds are terns... :)
-your crazy bird friend...