Friday, 27 September 2013

Waiting to Deflate

There's a movie called Waiting to Exhale that has the theme of waiting... namely, "waiting on the man" to get his act together, to propose, whatever. I never saw the movie but some girlfriends of mine told me about it.

I am waiting to deflate, not exhale. For some reason, celebrating my birthday all summer long has caused expansion in several body regions.

Given up wheat (for health reasons) and now maintaining a low-sodium diet isn't enough to put me into my ideal weight, which for our practical purposes is defined as "the weight at which all of my pants and jeans fit."

I've been exercising and eating more protein/less carbs. After all the gluten-free banana bread and such was consumed, I have forsaken all others.  As much as I love bagels, I've stopped buying them. Grrr...
There's also this play called Waiting for Godot. It's 2 guys talking to each other and one's really frustrated because he keeps asking what they're doing and the other one says, "We're waiting for Godot!" And apparently they can't do anything else until Godot arrives, which he never does. I think Godot might be a code word for God, or possibly the Great Pumpkin.  The theme of the play is despair.
I hope I don't get to that point! People have filled millions of magazines with tips on losing weight, but I just need to get this under control.

Funny how you always crave the things you shouldn't have. I could go for a bagel right now!


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