Friday, 19 November 2010

Fool Moon Dreaming

It's almost fool moon (ok, that should read full moon, but fool moon works just as well...) and as has been happening to me quite frequently in the past few months, some rather interesting dreams visit me as the moon waxes to foolness. Usually, these dreams have some relevance to things happening in my daily life (the people, places etc) even as they take on a surreal aspect.

Last night? A little bit different. I found myself somewhere unfamiliar, in a throng of people. It was a bit overwhelming to be in the middle of all these people, this crowd, but it was different. Nobody was pushing or shoving, the sun was nice and bright and the general mood was one of anticipation. I was inside this area with marble floors and colonnades and there was a balustrade, overlooking a courtyard (although it was on the same level instead of higher up or second floor) and even out there, tons of people were waiting. It might have been the Vatican, and then again, it wasn't. And then? Then the pope arrived. Yes, the pope. Except in my dream it was Pope John Paul II, not the current Pope Benedict.

(Tangent)Now, I cannot quite grasp why on earth I'd be dreaming of the pope, even though I was raised as a Catholic, my family was never one to attend church on a regular basis (or even irregular at that...) We just didn't go. I tried it a few times and I will admit to having some positive experiences, when the meditative aspect of ritual was stronger than the more common aspect of dogma and bullshit. However, the negative experiences outweighed the positive and I stopped going. And it's been years. And I haven't missed it a bit. Not even a teensy weenie bit. I'll leave it at that. So, for Pope John Paul II to pop up in my dreams is rather bizarre. (End Tangent.)

So, el Papa himself walked right by me, paused, and looked right at me as he walked to the balustrade...and yet, it wasn't about him. Because for some reason, we were all in this together and then everyone started singing "One Day" by Matisyahu. And we were all singing this amazing song. And that was it. That was my dream. And I woke up. As is usual in these fool moon dreams, I woke feeling completely perplexed, as in WTF perplexed. I phoned my dear Jane who had an interesting spin on this dream, that everyone was there together, in peace and what a fabulous dream. Ok. I can see that, although I'm not sure what meaning it might have in my life right now (and being the Diva, it is all about me, of course!)

If you've never heard the song before, here it is for you...

PS from Jane: Diva mentioned that there were Jewish people in the dream, and for them to be united with Christians in a meaningful way is a good thing. This sounds like a beautiful dream; I wish I could have seen it. There's something mystical about dreams like this. It can seem like you're with all your best friends, and they all seem familiar, even though maybe you've never met them in your waking life. Singing is a symbol of happiness, much like flying.

I, on the other hand, may be preparing for a death in my family. Sometimes people who are in between life and death appear in my dreams. (Years ago, my uncle would appear in my dreams when he was hospitalized. I woke up from one dream knowing that he would be gone soon, and he was). Now, it is my grandfather. He'll just appear, and I'll put my arm around him like I always do and we'll talk about whatever- just like in real life. I am comforted that I will see him in my dreams after he's gone, but it will be a tough transition nevertheless. Still, if this is a warning, I should be grateful for it and prepare myself as well as I can.

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