Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fun with the I Ching

As many of you know, Diva and I have been known to consult the tarot (she's even studied it!), go to psychics, and have a lot of interest in things that are narrowly defined as occult. Our auras have been photographed numerous times, and we are both students of the chakras. Again, Diva started researching and collecting this information before I did, but by now we are more or less on the same page (though I am struggling to catch up to the volume of reading she's done on the topic!).

Between us, we have various decks of divination cards and other types of divination, from the Housewives' Tarot (which you really have to see to believe) to runes. I picked up an I Ching deck a few years ago and bring it out every now and again for guidance... but this time, it offered more comic relief than anything else.

First, I asked about the Jane and Diva Project. Like I said before, I keep getting ideas that I want to act on as far as writing about our experiences and insights and search for inner peace. The card I pulled is #34, The Power of the Great. It reads, "As long as you are acting in your best interests, nothing can go wrong. You will achieve great good fortune just so long as you are clear, wise, and determined. Great power comes to those who don't rely on luck but their own hard work and dedication to a goal or dream. You must have such a dream if you are to succeed. Heaven blesses those who strive hard, are sincere and honest, and work toward a common good for all. This is great power indeed."

I always liked the number 34, and it's funny that I still do, because when I was 34, my whole life as it was ended, and I was set adrift to rebuild everything. It wasn't so pretty at the time, but I'm glad I ended up where I'm at, despite the difficult times and angst it took to get here. I had to reinvent everything. Things got so bad that I was able to connect with my spirit guide and learn the basics of life that I'd never been taught. Life had been easy for me up to that point, although I didn't know it then. I understand the basics now. I get it. Thank goodness.

Back to the I Ching. The next card I pulled was to ask about Tim, a guy I dated for about 6 months who dropped off the radar a few weeks ago. He was polite but firm in his exit from my life, although he did make a few half-assed efforts to see me in the month of October. I pulled #21, Biting Through. Listen to this gem of wisdom: "As with gangrene, you must sever the limb to save the body. You must be ruthless in order to stop the infection." Lucky for me, the most ruthless I had to be was to meet with him and say, "I'll wait to hear from you." It's been crickets from him since then, but it's OK. Thanks, I Ching, for the laugh.

Your Jane

PS to Amigo: I pulled a card for you. It is #25, Correctness. It reads, "Be spontaneous. Work forward with no preconceived attitudes. Adopt the wisdom of a small child and you will win through."

Diva here...
Oh, goodness!! And to think that my lifepath number in numerology is 34!!! The Power of Great? Well, no wonder. Now to work on the clear wise and determined part, but a girl can get easily distracted at times, especially when men and rum are involved in that mix! As for Jane's little affair with Mr. Timothy the Elder (I've just named him this as he accused Jane's friends of acting old when he, in fact, is that one that spends entire weekends doing nothing other than doddering in the garden and taking the dog for a walk), chop away, my dear Jane, chop away! Some people, as pleasant as they might be, are better off left to their own.

P.S. To future readers of my book: The guy I mentioned in this post is named neither Tim nor Luke, but I thought about naming him Luke in the book so I could give him the very meaningful nickname, Lukewarm. Hahahahahah. -Jane

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