Monday, 15 November 2010

Giving ourselves permission

In making this blog, choosing pen names, and waxing philosophical about our beliefs, feelings and experiences, I believe that Diva and I are giving ourselves permission to grow beyond the basic roles we play and the faces we show to others. I know I feel more comfortable with a persona that no family member or coworker can judge. It's just easier this way. It's just easier to embrace the part of me that loves rum and men, in that order, when it's my amigas and amigos who are entertained by declarations like this.

As the more prolific writer of the two, I have so many ideas I want to explore, but haven't had enough of an audience to stay motivated. Although Diva's name is Diva, I'm the one who grew up on the stage and loves the applause. You couldn't get me to go to a dance class week after week and come away with the knowledge and skill of a style of dance, but I'll go to rehearsals 3 times a week, give up all of my free time, and have no days off for 2 months just for the chance to run around a stage and take a bow at the end of the performance. I have to admit this- and I love to see my (Jane's) name in print too. I love the response, the interaction, the sharing of ideas. This is the reason Your Jane writes anything at all.

So it is with this update that we reveal the blog we started a few years ago, with a question: is there an audience for what we write? I mean, we think we're amusing as hell, but is this opinion shared by others?

Case in point:
Once upon a time, Jane was moving into Diva's apartment and came across a can opener that was identical to her own. She held it up and asked, "Is this yours, or have I unpacked mine already?"
"That one is mine," answered the Diva.
"I have one just like it," Jane said.... (and do you know what's coming next?) "The resemblance is just uncanny."

We'd like to use this kind of comedic timing and hilarity in a future project as well as this blog. I just have to build the momentum and get the creative juices flowing. Diva will come in to add the witty commentary after I dress up the bones of the stories. Given my schedule, this could take a while. However, since I have recently purchased a beautiful shimmering laptop (which I have named Elvis, as it is shiny and does amazing tricks), perhaps the words will flow easier as the days go by. There is no telling.

So please tune in to our blog, let us know what you think, and give us feedback if you want.

Adios, amigos.

Your Jane

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