Friday, 10 December 2010

I'd like to give everyone in the world 5 minutes with Hot Mike

Yeah, seriously. That's all anyone would need.

Diva, I've read up on the archangel M before, but thanks for putting it so succinctly. It makes perfect sense- to jump off a cliff and be able to fly is really a good way to sum up the last 2 years. Sometimes Your Jane just needs to be told to take a flying leap!

Hot Mike promised me 3 more dreams, as he's teaching me about the chakras. I've had 4 chakra dreams, which means there are 3 more (7 chakras total). BUT I understand why there's a delay.

Gentle readers (if you do in fact exist), Diva and I are writing some chakra stories. We'll publish an ebook someday, maybe next year. I figure we can copyright it in case it becomes an overnight worldwide sensation, but understanding the odds of that happening, I figure we'll make it cheap or free to Kindle users or whoever. (A side note- actually, I am writing the stories, and Your Diva is providing the witty commentary, which we can all agree is one of her great strengths).

But back to Hot MIke. Mike will come around again to me when it's time.

The thing about Mike is that he personifies courage. He is literally what you need sometimes when you are down and out. I briefly explained my circumstances before my current job to a co-worker the other day- you know, getting dumped by the dude, moving to Winterville, having to leave my job there, and losing most of my money in the stock market WHILE trying to afford a house I couldn't really afford when I was working that lost 1/3 of its value in about 9 months. And he just made this face, like Ugh! I guess that was a bit to explain in one breath. But you know what? Sometimes that is what life dishes out. And when it happens, you are allowed to feel like crap.

But courage- that is my point. Courage is what pulls you out of the morass. And sometimes, you look and look and you can't find it. To quote Madonna, what you need is a big strong hand to lift you to the higher ground. Enter Hot Mike.

Archangel Michael comes in many shapes and guises, although according to Diva's sources he is usually quite handsome (ergo, people listen to his advice. What was that you said, hot guy? Sure, I'll jump off this cliff!)

I wish I could get Mike to visit everyone I know. Even the people I've been burned by- especially them, actually, because they are definitely in the morass. They lash out because they are stuck, and they hate to see others try because they can't try anymore. Imagination eludes them and they can't imagine any other (better) kind of life for themselves. It sucks. I've been there- I know.

It's an amazing feeling to be in the presence of someone like Mike. It just feels awesome, like it's your best friend in the universe who only has love for you. Someone who is above mundane concerns, who is the embodiment of love. We all need someone like that in our lives, or at least our dreams. Some of us try to be that person too.

(Aside: part of me wonders if "morass" is really a word or if I'm thinking of something different. In any case, if it sounds like I'm talking about "more ass," that's very funny, but that's not what I meant!)

(Aside part 2: according to, morass means "a marsh or bog." OK, I can get back on topic now.)

So, to write an equation, Mike = courage = love. If I could classify him as a person, he'd be my favorite person, but he isn't.

When I went on my super-fun friend date with Amigo last month, I told him all about Hot Mike and when I got around to explaining to him that his name was Mike, he just got this look on his face- this knowing, as if to say, of course his name is Mike. Though Amigo hasn't read up on the subject, apparently he's heard some stories about Our Mike.

Very interesting!

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