Sunday, 26 December 2010

Jane says, Obey the speed limit with your thoughts...

During the holidays, life seems to go faster than usual. It takes time to get all your greetings and presents together, and there can be stress that goes along with that.

I can't even blame it on the season. Lately, I've been in a rush, and I don't know why. Maybe I need to meditate more. Maybe I need to remind myself that all we really have is right now, and that's why we call it the present. I am not sure what's kept me so focused on "other" lately, but I will tell you what, it is really getting on my nerves.

I have to have these talks with myself, that consist of my super ego (I guess) saying, "Jane, pay attention to the person you are talking to right now! Pay attention to what they are saying. Days will go by and you'll say to yourself that it would be great to talk to this person, but your chance to be with them is right now, so enjoy it, get into it, experience it. Stop thinking about what you have to do next."

I got a phone call from one of my friends whom I hardly ever see or talk to. She is impossible to get on the phone, and yet, there we were, connected in the same space in time. Part of me thought, "I have to get home. I'm hungry. I'm tired and it's freaking cold." Yet, I remembered that I needed to be in that moment, and what could have been a brief conversation turned into a rollicking adventure in hilariousness (as most conversations should). She even confessed to me that she wanted to be a better friend and stay in touch with me better than before, which is awesome because if she would call me back, we'd be in touch a lot more. I sat in my car in the mall parking lot and we got caught up on our lives. It was a good exchange. I'm glad I wasn't dismissive or showed how rushed I felt at the start of it.

I've had to remind myself over and over- as I've sat down to a meal with friends, as I've met up with acquaintances when I'm out shopping or at a party or wherever- that it's time to stop and talk and be together. I don't know why I've felt so hurried inside lately.

The time I've relaxed, though, has been great. Yes, there's been a little bit more rushing around between phone calls and lunches and all the other appointments I've made (and thank goodness you amigas forgive Jane for skipping the makeup and such!). But in all, I've seen and/or talked to so many people lately... and rest assured that Your Jane has tried her darnedest to be there with you in the moment.

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