Friday, 3 December 2010

Dream- Jane's Jailbreak

Last night I dreamed that I was held captive by a bad guy. There's really no good way to describe him, other than that he was nasty and mean and extremely negative. He was full of mean things to say and not shy about sharing his belittling attitude toward Your Jane. (The nerve of him! I know).

So I go through this dialogue in my mind, where I decide that if I run away and he shoots me, it's better than staying there. I am not sure if we had dialogue out loud, back and forth, but I know that I've got to get away.

I see an opening to run out of the building (I think it was a house) and I get out. I don't have time to see if the mean guy or his hench people see me leave. I duck out of sight, crawl along the floor, and get out the door.

There's blood on my shirt. It's been there since I was in the house. I don't know if he shot at me, or cut me, or hurt me in some other way, but I look like a mess.

Outside, it's a typical suburban neighborhood. There are 2 women taking a walk together and talking- both overweight, both white, and they seem friendly. I run up to them and ask for help, and they respond with, "Of course! Oh my god, look at you! Let's get you out of here!" They act as you'd want someone to act, if you were ever running away from a bad guy.

That's all I remember from the dream. Its meaning is pretty obvious, but at first I was disturbed by the imagery. Bad= male and good= female? That's not how I see the world, although interestingly (based on a conversation with a coworker recently), I tend to feel better about my job when there are more women in charge. In past situations, when men were 90% of management, I'd never really feel comfortable. Now, things are more balanced, and I am at ease with that.

Diva said that the bad guy reminded me of someone I used to work for, and I immediately agreed. Interesting...

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Anonymous said...

ooh, darling, that sounds like the beginning of a delightful dream, "I was help captive by a bad boy.."